Lash Facts

As a lash client, you already know a few important things—to always have a clean spoolie on hand, that no mascara is the best mascara, and any service that includes an hour long nap is worth incorporating into your life. But, your lash artist at Infinity Lash has a few more specks of wisdom to share that will take you from novice to master client.

Here are some things your lash artist wants you to know.

Longer extensions don’t always mean more dramatic

You should be aware that shorter lashes can achieve a fuller and bolder look. Often, longer extensions give a whispie—almost 'spidery' - effect. Some clients love that look, but some don't! It's important to know exactly what kind of result you're going for before requesting long extensions to get a 'dramatic' set


Don’t be shy

As lash artists, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when getting your lashes done! During the service, if you are in any discomfort—such as burning, or the eye pads are rubbing your eyes, please make us aware so that we are able right away to prevent redness or irritation to the eyes. If you have any problems after the service, like allergic reactions or eye redness, we can recommend the best options to help in these cases.


Clean those lashes

Don’t come with dirty lashes. As a courtesy to your stylist please cleanse and brush your lashes before your fill. This will give us more time for lashing, and the retention of your new set will be amazing. Clean bonds = better retention!


Extensions are H20-friendly!

I would like for my clients to understand just because they have lash extensions doesn't mean they have to avoid water/water activities! I promote lash extensions as a great alternative to mascara for those who enjoy time in the water!


Lash Retention 

One thing you should know and understand is that lash retention does not just happen because the lash artist keeps up on fresh products or proper lash application! Lash retention can also be caused by seasons changing, lash cleanliness, your makeup routine, medications, oily or dry skin, shed cycles—you name it! There can be times where your normal 3-4 week fill can turn into a 2-3 week and that’s okay! 


Skip the caffeine

Consuming caffeine before your lash appointment can cause your eyes to flutter or twitch. This can be a nightmare when it comes to getting each lash properly isolated and bonded. Not to mention, it's potentially dangerous—think sharp tweezers. Avoid caffeine at least one hour prior to your appointment, and your lash artist will thank you!


Fall out 

On average, 1 to 5 lashes fall down every day. New lashes grow frequently and replace the lost ones to maintain the complete thick look so that your lashes never get damaged by extensions.